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Encounter - What I'm trying to do to prevent the global warming
Tomoko Tamura I first saw the book on a living room table at my husband's family's home in winter in 2005. On the blue cover of the book was Santa's troubled face leaning toward a placard.
I wondered what the book was and picked it up. It was a story about Santa written by an eight-year-old boy named Ethan and his father, Michael. I soon became very involved in the story. Actually, this was just the kind of book I was looking for to give to young elementary school students so they could understand about global warming.
Ethan Matsuda I asked to my mother-in-law about the book, and she told me that it had been written by the son of one of her longest and closest friends. I contacted them immediately. When I told Ethan and Michael that I really wanted to introduce the book to Japanese people, they were delighted about my idea, and they also told me that they wanted to do something to stop global warming.
While I was reading the story, I began thinking how great it would be if there was some music to go with the story. So in my head I began that a certain type of music and melody would this passage here and so on. As I am a piano teacher, I decided to compose music for the story so that more people would recognize the threat of global warming.
Penguin I wondered how I could communicate this music to other people. I came up with one idea to make a CD and a score. But there were lots of problems to be solved. But there were many people who helped me make the CD and the score. I don't know how to express my appreciation to those people.

So I would like to introduce those people on this website. If those people had not encouraged me, I would not and could not have finished this project. Thank you so much for supporting .

Tomoko Tamura Profile

Tomoko Tamura

Graduated from the Piano Department of Kunitachi Music College and studied piano pedagogy in the USA.
I have published over 100 original textbooks in collaboration with Yoko Iwase and translations of piano textbooks. I am giving workshops for piano teachers nationwide.
I read the picture book The north pole is sinking in 2005 and was so impressed by it that I began activities to stop to global warming. I live in Tokyo.

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