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Let's help the earth !!

The north pole is sinking! I've been thinking about donating money in efforts to stop global warming, which has been advancing more quickly throughout the years.
From a picture in a book, I have realized that there are alternative ways of helping the cause of global warming. (See "Encounter Page")
Presenting CDs and music to people is twice as effective as making a financial donation.
Through this website, I hope to expand as many children's knowledge about our activities and assist them to take some actions to help our planet Earth.
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Feb,06,2008 Noro-Nakagiri Elementary School students played "the North Pole is Sinking" at the Energy Education Report conventions in Hiroshima.

Oct,25,2007 The CD & ScoreBook were published by Yamaha Music Media Corp.

Jun,13,2007 The weblog of "Help the Earth" was done! I will up the weblog about your messages and my thoughts.

Jun,10,2007 I visited Noro-Nakagiri elementally school at end of May.
There is a report and photograph at that time.

Feb,04,2007 It was the first time to announce 'The North Pole is sinking!' that presides over Suginami ward of environment which under the auspice of the government on stage at in Japan.

Dec,18,2006 This article appeared in Pupil's library News of Japan Educate News agency.

Dec,16,2006 This article appeared in the newspaper Pupil's News of Asahi Newspaper.

Dec,02,2006 These articles appeared in the newspaper Living Musashino of the Sankei Newspaper chain.

CD & Scorebook

I made the CD and published the score that accompany the book at my own expense.
All profits will be contributed to UNICEF and reforestation projects. I ask for everyone's cooperation.

CD & Scorebook  English version CD

The North Pole is Sinking !

"Is the arctic ice melting?   Then what will happen to Santa's toy factory in the North Pole?"
This picture book was born from these questions that eight-year-old Ethan was thinking about .

The North Pole is Sinking ! English Version  English version

The CD & ScoreBook were published by Yamaha Music Media Corp
The North Pole is Sinking!

I finally published the CD and the Score of "The North Pole is Sinking!" in December 2006 by own my expense.
Then they were published by Yamaha Music Media Corp. in November of 2007.
Please see the details on "Related to the publishing of the CD & Score" of the "Cooperate" menu bar.

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Let's spread the song -Let's Help the Earth!-
Illustrated by Mami Ozaki

The song "Let's Help the Earth!" calls on people around the world to join together to stop global warming..

I have one favor to ask you: could you please read this section?

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