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Wish to you - Tomoko Tamura

Actually, there are some thing I am a little disappointed about.
I was given a chance to introduce the book The North Pole is Sinking with a small explanation about it, including my e-mail address, in a free, community newspaper with a circulation of about 210,000 in my area, but nobody has contacted me yet.
People only seem to be interested in information about dining and fashion but they aren't concerned about global warming. We adults heated up the earth, and we have a responsibility for our children and their future. Now is the time to speak up. It will be too late if we don't do anything.

  • If you have a website, could you add this address: as a link?
    If you can do so, more people will have a chance to know about this problem.

  • Let's get to work in the education, business, and comunications fields
    - any place where children are concerned.

  • Please let me have any information about events that deal with the environment.

  • Especially for those who work with music, please use this music at any occasion.

    Actual example of "Let's Help the Earth!"

  • Please make a chance to use the song "Let's Help the Earth!"
    When can we use this song? How about at some parades or ceremonies? Could you give me your opinions about how we can find venues to use the music?

  • The song "Help the Earth!" has English and Japanese lyrics. But If it has lyrics in other languages that would be great! I hope some of you who can speak other languages can cooperate for this.

    See the illustration of Mami Ozaki (english_ver.pdf / 1,800KB)

    "Help the Earth!" Lyrics & Score (help_the_earth.pdf / 790KB)

If you don't mind, let me have your cooperation on this website.
If you do so, the number of readers will expand, and the information about global warming will be spread more widely.
We would also like to carry your thoughts and opinions about the CD or the music book on the website.
If you have any information, feel free to use the mail form.

I would like to share this website with lots of people who are concerned about global warming all over the world! Thank you so much.

The Weblog of  "Help the Earth" was done!

I will up the Weblog about your messages and my thoughts.
I do hope write your comments on it.

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