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Help the earth activity reports

Our activity reports to stop the global warming.
The reports are on a local government-sponsored environmental education event, piano teachers' events and other events.

General events & activities
With KANON's family
Kanon's rule.

One day there was a mail from one of Popular Publisher staff that someone wrote a blog which mention about 'The North Pole is Sinking!' It was a mother of seven years old girl 'Kanon' is an elementary school at Kumagaya in Saitama Prefecture. >>> Continue to read

Children looking at the North Pole is Sinking book.
Environmental exhibition in Tokyo

February4,2007.It was the first time to announce 'The North Pole is sinking!' that presides over Suginami ward of environment which under the auspice of the government on stage at in Japan.>>> Continue to read

Noji-Nakagiri Elementary School building
Message from Noro-Nakagiri Elementary School

Our school began introducing education on conserving energy five years ago, and we widened the scope of our energy education from last year. We've been looking for some materials for this year, and then we encountered The North Pole is Sinking! >>> Continue to read

Piano teacher's event & activities
A scene from the North Pole is Sinking.
A message from piano teacher Ms.Sugiyama.

After I read and listened 'The North Pole is Sinking' story and music, I strongly thought to tell the message at my students' concert. However, there are only two months left to the concert but I made my mind to do it. >>> Continue to read

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